Is Somaliland safe? Yes very safe not only safe, but truly welcoming,
Could you arrange visa for Somaliland? Yes we can provide a visa for you,  contact us 4 days in advance of your intended day of arrival.
Do you need an armed escort when travelling? Yes you do, there is national security policy when foreigners are travelling outside the towns they should have SPU (special protection unit) ” at the current moment it is mandatory
Do you serve in neighbouring countries? Yes we do have partners in Somalia, Djibouti, and Ethiopia.
Do you arrange transportation to all destinations in Somaliland and neighbouring countries? Yes we do, and we help arrange for neighboring countries too at our doorsteps.
Do you accept credit cards? We accept cash, online payment, bank transfer and remittance.
Can I travel on public transport? Yes inside the main cities of Somaliland but not outside the cities
How is the telephone communications in Somaliland? Is it expensive to make an international call? Somaliland Have the best telecommunication companies in Africa, International calls on mobile phones cost $0.30 the U.S. per minute or less, five or six times lower than in most African countries, Check with your service provider to make sure your phone works abroad (unlocked)
What is the dress code in Somaliland? While you are in Somaliland your dressing must respect the religion and tradition and if you are a women dress more conservatively and wear something long.
Can I take pictures for the people? Yes, you can with permission Remember to always ask permission when filming, Be careful when taking photographs, videos or using binoculars. Such activities may be misunderstood, especially near military installations.
Should you charge me for last-minute cancellations? Yes Last minute cancellations are fully non-refundable