gA’AN lIBAH, Somaliland Libah, Coming from the sun scorched plains between Berbera and Hargeisa, Ga’an Libah is a surprising example of the diversity of Somaliland.

The name means ‘lion’s paw’ and although lions have long been extinct here this well watered and comparatively lush region holds a diversity of wildlife including kudu, hyena, gazelles, baboons and leopard. Situated high on an escarpment, Ga’an Libah receives more rainfall than most of the country and many parts are thick with trees – birdlife here is also quite good. The views from the edge, looking out over the plains below, are stunning, and the journey here is just as interesting – a two to three hour drive through the desert passing nomads and settlements, where gazelles and warthogs flit between the thorn bushes.

A surprising highlight of Somaliland that few know about.

Baligubadle, Somaliland