The Republic of Somaliland’s Covid-19 Preparedness national committee announced, Tuesday, that all restrictions previously imposed to prevent the intensity and spread of the pandemic have been categorically lifted.

According to the statement which the NPCCOVID-19 released, the ban on both incoming and outgoing flights of all airlines have been lifted effective from the 30th of June. Likewise, the lift will apply to sea vessels arriving at Berbera which was previously limited to seafaring ships, boats and dhows bringing essential, life-saving commodities. Public gatherings and social events are no longer circumscribed, meaning conference and dining and wedding halls are, again, open for business. All learning institutions will reopen and restrictions on passenger capacity on public transport are waived. The government, also, lifted the ban on inland travel across the borders with neighbouring countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia and Ethiopia. The lift of the ban, however, was not free of conditions.

Incoming passengers and travellers crossing over to the Republic of Somaliland have to produce, the NPC said, a valid, COVID-free certificate that is not older than four days.

The statement, also, repetitiously refers ‘with strict adherence to preventive measures” when it does not particularly, except for above, specify any.