Red Sea. Berbera, Somaliland

Berbera is a coastal city which service as the biggest seaport for Somaliland, with its clean and unspoiled beaches at the Gulf of Aden. Swimming, snorkelling, fishing and scuba-diving are some of the activities on offer, There are a few hotels and two restaurants where good fish dishes are served!.

Berbera can be divided into several areas. The most out coming is Moscow, even with your eyes closed you will notice the Russian architecture. When you have a good look at the houses in Berbera you will notice they are made from Coral stone.

When you fly into Berbera you do not have to worry about the airstrip… in the 80’s NASA used to have an office here and they build the strip due they had plans for a space shuttle departing from here! The strip is 3 km!

There is fresh caught fish every day! Treat yourself in one of the fancy restaurants with some sea view!

You will be surprised how much fish there is! Just 1% is used for consumption and the other 99% is still swimming around!

So when you go snorkeling or diving you won’t be alone!

When you are done with the heat take a nice ride into the mountains all the way to Sheekh! It is wonderful ride.

You can do it as a daytrip! In Sheek historical graves are just found and the nature is very nice!

Berbera, Somaliland